"In sixteen years as a theater critic and eight subsequent years as a playwright and producer in both Dallas and New York, I have seen thousands and worked with hundreds of actors. A few years ago, during the Off-Off-Broadway run of one of my plays, my co-producers and I held auditions for a future acting company. This being New York, we were inundated with requests to audition. Holding auditions can be a real grind; you see so many people, so much hope, and so much mediocrity. You start to think actors are just like office drones or bureaucrats-- most of them adequate but uninspired,doing as little as they can to get by. But then someone like Adam Smith Jr.comes in, and reminds you about the magic part of it all. This actor is a fine instrument-- a Stradivarius any director, playwright or producer would be delighted to play. And this Strad has an intelligence and range to match his depth of talent in both classical and contemporary roles. I’ve written one play expressly for him—Miracle Day, which he co-produced with me in New York and in which he gave a brilliant performance in the demanding lead role—and plan to write more. He also directed a New York workshop of my play Bloodletters to great effect. Adam is the whole package, and he understands the full spectrum of art, theater and show business."

-Tom Sime, playwright, producer, former theater critic at The Dallas Morning News, and former Managing Director of Contemporary Theatre of Dallas